English Driving lessons in Enschede

In 5 steps to your driving license

Feeling self-confident behind the wheel, that is the basis for obtaining your driver’s license. It is exactly what team Fady One wants to help you with during your English driving lessons in Enschede. And of course to have fun while learning how to drive! There are a few steps to follow to get your driver’s license.

Step one | Free trial lesson

Of course you can get acquainted with a free trial lesson in Enschede. During this lesson we will look together at which package is best for you.

Step two | Plan your driving lessons

Together we plan your lessons at the time that’s most convenient for you and us.

Step 3 | Pass your theory exam

All of our packages include 5 hours of theory lessons, so that you can pass your exam with ease.

Step 4 | The interim test

With the help of the interim test your driving coach gains insights into your driving skills. Of course we opt for the exemption of the special maneuvers during your driving exam. 

Step 5 | The driving exam

We’re definitely going for the “Pass at once!” 

English driving lessons packages 

There is a driving lesson package that suits every level. The advantage of a package is that it contains a number of tools that you need to successfully get your driver’s license, such as:

  • Interim test
  • Driving exam
  • Personal guidance by your driving coach
  • Including 1 re-examination worth € 260,-

The number of lessons and the package depends on the package that suits you and your level according to your English driving lessons in Enschede. 

Crash course

Do you quickly need your driver’s license for work or study? Or do you not feel like taking lessons for months? Maybe the crash course driving lessons from Fady One is exactly what you need. You will get your driver’s license within two – four weeks.

Manual car or automatic transmission car

At Fady One it is possible to take lessons in an automatic car or in a manual car. If you have a preference, let us know as soon as you register.

Free trial lesson

At Fady One you can choose for a free trial lesson to try out the way we will teach you. Based on this trial lesson, we determine together your driving level and which package suits you best to successfully pass your driving exam. 

A free trial lesson is a necessity when choosing for the crash course driving lessons.

Trial lesson:



Of course you can make an acquaintance through a free trial lesson. Then together we can see which package is best for you. Request it by clicking on the link below.

Student about Fady One

In very short: My experience was great! 100% recommended, Please read below:

Explanation: I had my driving license like 17 years ago in my home country and drove perfectly and had no little crash there. Initially, I thought I can drive perfectly in the Netherlands as well without extra/local training. I tried for one hour free assessment with other driving schools and also with Fady to see how I drive.

I realised that there are a lot of detailed rules in the Netherlands that I don’t know or practically I am not aware of them. Fady advised me at first to take 12 hours training. Again, I thought 12 hours maybe is too much because I already knew how to drive a car in general! In the first and second driving hours with him I felt his way of talking and teaching is too hard and maybe insulting or not good! But I was patient and continued with him. After more hours I understood that what he is saying is really correct and the details and regulations he is pushing me to do is really the important points for the exam and eventually all the benefits of better learning goes to myself to pass the exam and save my money and time. After 12 hours I asked him extra 7 hours and then I went directly for the main exam. I passed the practical exam in one go with almost no important mistake. Fady, I really thank you and if I go back again, I take with you the driving lessons with NO doubt.

– Ali R



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