How does the practical car test go?

1. Before the exam

You will meet the examiner at the CBR examination center. He or She will explain how your exam proceeds and check:

  • the invitation for your exam
  • your identity document (ID)
  • whether you passed your theory exam
  • whether you have filled in the self-reflection form; the examiner will discuss this form with you after the exam ride

In most cases, your instructor can ride with you during the practical exam. Sometimes this is not possible because a second employee of the CBR rides along, for example, a trainee examiner. Your instructor will be present at the start and end meetings.

2. In the parking lot

You do an eye test in the parking lot. You read the license plate of a stationary car about 25 meters away. The examiner can ask you a few questions about the car in preparation for the ride, such as checking the engine fluid or the lights on the dashboard.

3. The exam ride

The exam ride takes about 35 minutes. You drive partly independently to a certain destination. You also drive following the instructions of the examiner. The examiner evaluates whether you drive safely and independently and take other road users into account. He or she pays attention to the control of the car, viewing behavior, giving priority, driving junctions, and roundabouts, among other things.

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