Automatic versus manual transmission car

In principle, everyone in the Netherlands learns to drive a car with a manual gearbox. That is the norm in Europe. But if you go to America or South Korea or Japan, there is a very good chance that you will get an automatic car there. In those countries they put manual transmission cars aside years ago and switched to automatic transmission.

What is an automatic car?

To make a long story short: with an automatic transmission, the gears are no longer done by hand, but everything is automatic. Also, the car engine does not stop under hard braking.

Will the manual transmission car disappear from the market?

It is not yet clear whether the manual transmission car will disappear in the future, but it is expected that more and more automatic cars will enter the market. But what is very striking at the moment is that most modern cars are made with an automatic gear lever. and that already indicates that cars with manual transmissions will be made less in the future.

Back to the question: automatic or manual gearbox?

It now seems that driving in an automatic transmission has many more advantages than driving in a manual gearbox. Objectively, that could be the case. But in the end, you always decide for yourself what you like best. 15, 25 years ago, the choice would have been easier. A vending machine in those days was inefficient and clumsy. Nowadays, an automatic transmission is even more economical than a manual gearbox, because an automatic transmission has more gears and therefore always runs at the optimum speed. And as soon as younger people start driving an automatic car, the frumpy image disappears by itself.

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Trial Lesson

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