What’s the best way to parallel park your car?

Parallel parking means that we must let everyone go first. In this exercise we don’t use an accelerator pedal, we control the speed with a slipping clutch. For safety, we keep our right foot on top of the brake. When we see approaching traffic (including pedestrians), we immediately stop the car. In this explanation we are going to talk about parking backwards in a traffic jam on the right side.

Parallel parking step by step

Step 1 – Look far ahead and first determine where you are going to park. It is very important to check whether the place is spacious enough for the car and whether you can park in it.

Step 2 – Stop next to a parked vehicle in front of your parking spot. Your car should be about 30 to 50 centimeters away from the vehicle next to you. 

Step 3 – The right side mirror must be even with the bumper of the other car. This is different for every car which means you have to pay attention to this. 

Step 4 – Now it’s time to drive backwards. Before you do, you have to look around to see if it’s clear and safe to go.

Step 5 – When you’re sure the coast is clear you drive slowly and straight backwards. When the backseats of your car are even with the back of the car next to you, then it’s time to steer the car to the right.

Step 6 – When the mirror is even with the back of the car, steer completely to the left. 

Step 7 – Stop as soon as your car is straight. You don’t have to steer back, this makes it easier to get out of the parking spot..

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Tip: Look around you before you drive away. The correct viewing order is: Front, inside mirror, left outside mirror and over your left shoulder. Look again as you drive away. Don’t drive away if someone is approaching you at high speed.

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